‘He’s allergic to me’: Why Elizabeth skipped MAFS dinner party

After attending the first Married At First Sight dinner party alone, it was expected there would be no way Elizabeth Sobinoff would miss attending the second one with her “husband” Sam Ball.

So viewers and MAFS contestants alike were surprised when Elizabeth was a no-show during Wednesday night’s episode, with few clues given as to why she wasn’t there.

But it looks like we now have our answer, with previously unseen footage aired by MAFS talk show Talking Married revealing things had been very strained between Elizabeth and Sam the morning before the dinner party.

Things seem to be reaching breaking point between Elizabeth and Sam. Picture: NIGEL WRIGHT

Things seem to be reaching breaking point between Elizabeth and Sam. Picture: NIGEL WRIGHTSource:Channel 9


Heidi Latcham is shown visiting the unhappy couple at their apartment, asking Sam if he gave Elizabeth “big cuddles”.

“Now and then I give her hugs yeah, probably not enough,” he replied.

As he exited the room to leave the two women to chat, Elizabeth rolled her eyes and glared at Sam.

“Tell me everything, what is this rash on his chest?” Heidi asked, referencing Sam’s chickenpox sores.

Elizabeth glared as Sam left the room

Elizabeth glared as Sam left the roomSource:Channel 9

“He’s allergic to me,” Elizabeth replied.

Elizabeth was visibly upset as she spoke with Heidi, which fits in with comments made by Sam as he attended the dinner party solo.

“Last night Elizabeth decided to make more moves and tried to kiss me some more, and stuff like that,” he told producers.

“I just hated every second of it … she’s obviously woken up and felt very awkward about it. I’ve sort of brushed it off and it is what it is, but maybe she’s a bit embarrassed because I turned her down.

“I have no idea if Elizabeth’s going to the dinner party at all. No idea whatsoever.”

Elizabeth also shared two Instagram posts with the cryptic captions “doing the best I can” and “I will forever be, unapologetically me”.
Viewers also expressed frustration over Elizabeth’s absence and took to Twitter to vent:

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